Who are we?

Cyber PR is a New York based digital firm that connects artists to blogs, podcasts, Internet radio stations and social media sites. Over the past 16 years our firm has represented over 1,700 musicians of all genres.

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Customer Feedback

“Ariel has incomparable reach. Less than one month into my campaign, I’ve already been played around the world, in Australia, England, the US, the Netherlands, and more… No effort is wasted, and I can follow the campaign, in detail, in real time. It’s incredible, and it’s working.”

Trey Green  - http://cyberprmusic.com/clients/testimonials

“Ariel and her team went above and beyond my expectations as a PR firm. Pushing from creative angles and delivering up to date info on the progress of the campaign, their passion for music and their clients succes is undeniable.”

Ben Talmi  - http://cyberprmusic.com/clients/testimonials

“I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago, and it spurred me in to action. Since then, the band life has been a blur of new fans and new shows, and things are really picking up. Thank you for all the advice you give, it really does get through, and it helps enormously.”

Phil, The Haiku  - http://cyberprmusic.com/clients/testimonials