“Ariel is one of my best friends, because I so admire the way she thinks…She dove completely into her own re-education about modern marketing, learning from the masters in non-music realms, and is applying what she’s learned back to the music world in an incredible way. She’s my online marketing guru.

- Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby

“Ariel is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met in the Music 2.0 space. She had the vision to move out of the traditional side of the music biz and into the “future of music” long before anyone else and continues to be at the forefront of marketing and PR in the 21st Century. I recommend her to every artist on ReverbNation.”

– Lou Plaia, Founder / EVP Music Industry Relations, ReverbNation

“Ariel is one of the sharpest people I know! Her insight into the “new” music industry is invaluable. Ariel’s expert teaching and consulting advice should be required for every artist.”

– Tom Jackson, Live Music Producer

“As I started planning the release of my newest record, I began getting a bit overwhelmed. It’s a gift that musicians have so many outlets to be heard today, but the trick is knowing where to start. Ariel and the Cyber PR® Team continue to give me new tools to become better at managing my brand. To top it off, the genuine desire to help is completely apparent. I don’t feel like a fish out of water anymore. It has totally boosted my confidence and ability, and for that I will be forever grateful.

– Annie Fitzgerald, Singer/Songwriter

“As a busy parent, the line “I wake up and I’m twelve things behind” from my song “No More Time” rings ever true. With Ariel’s help I was able to clearly define my brand and create a 3,500 person strong Twitter following that continues to thrive and take on a life of its own!”
– Amelia S. Gewirtz, Singer/Songwriter, Parents With Angst

“Ariel is on the forefront of new media…She understands the shifting landscape and how consumers are finding music and interacting with artists in the social media age…Her firm grasp on music, PR, internet marketing and social media make her an invaluable ally when it comes to getting the attention that you and your music deserve.”

– Jason Van Orden, Internet Marketing & Media Consultant

“Here’s the thing about Ariel: She’s the perfect blend of savvy kick-butt music business woman and funky edge-y artist chick. She can walk that line that most people can’t. Her business mind moves her full-throttle through this vastly changing music industry. And her passion for music and art makes her a favorite among musicians of all genres.”

- Christine Kane, http://christinekane.com/home/

“Ariel and her firm did a stupendous job for us on the release of our second album, “Situation Out of Control”. Suddenly, with her at the wheel, we went to a whole new level of national exposure we could never have gotten on our own.. She has so many contacts in the press and media – all of whom speak highly of her wherever we go. She puts together a mean press kit too…So even though we had had the boost of Elmore Leonard’s recognition of our music, we hadn’t been sent out just AS US, and she definitely got our album OUT THERE and PAID ATTENTION TOO! We can’t wait to give her our new one in the spring!”

- The Stone Coyotes

“Effective, great results, and a pleasure to work with Ariel.”

- Pete Wernick, Dr. Banjo


“You do not need to be a musician to take advantage of the incredible information in Ariel Hyatt’s, ‘Music Success in 9 Weeks.’ As a theatre artist, I wrote a one-woman show and the steps in this book have allowed me to plan, produce, and promote my work in a smart and savy way. Thanks to Ariel’s simple strategies, I am no longer afraid of what can be truly overwhelming when it comes to social media, online marketing, and 21st century technology. I love everything about this book and continue to do the exercises. Thank you Ariel!”

– Talie Melnyk

“When i called Ariel , i had just finished my 3rd CD and was at a loss for what to do and where to begin to promote my record. She put me in touch with Chris Hacker who develops marketing plans for her artists. Aside from the fact that he was so kind and listened really well ( because sometimes i have experienced a real arrogance from people in the “business” and they talk and talk and you never end up getting a word in and you’re wondering why you are even paying this person), when the plan was completed, I was blown away by how thorough Chris’s marketing plan was. It was the perfect road map for me to set foot on ! I was given a wealth of information and a very clear and poignant direction to move in. This marketing plan was the best money spent so far.”

– Marion Loguidice

“Ariel has been a source of both assistance and inspiration for countless musicians and artists out there. She is one of those rare business owners that doesn’t just work for her clients, she instructs and empowers them to become better business owners themselves.  I got the chance to attend one of her PR Boot Camps and was thoroughly impressed with the kind of tools she offered for those in attendance. Each one of those musicians left with new ideas and plans, not just a list of services they could hire Ariel to fulfill.”

– Matthew Ebel, Artist & Owner, Matthew Ebel Entertainment

“I am an author and a musician, and Ariel is a guru of publicity for both. She helped us arrange a book release party for The Indie Band Survival Guide in New York while we were based in Chicago. She got a ton of musicians to meet us and get introduced to our book. She’s incredibly high-energy, knowledgeable about publicity, great with people, and a great speaker besides. Plus, she’s someone that is thoroughly enjoyable to spend time with. If you just talk with her for 10 minutes, you’ll immediately understand why she’s such a gem.”
– Randy Chertkow, Author, The Indie Band Survival Guide

“Ariel is the best in the biz, period (and technically competition for our PR company, yet she often sent referrals our way.) Ariel has always been ahead of the curve, and saw the future for artist development was online way before Web 2.0 became fashionable. If you want to be dialed in to the blogosphere hire her, now!”

– Casey Phillips, Talent Buyer & Digital Marketing Consultant

“Ariel’s ingenuity and creativity have truly revolutionized the way in which I acquire podsafe music and artists to feature on my podcast. In the early days of podcasting, finding quality music that was legal to play on my show meant shifting through hundreds of sub-par artists on poorly constructed podsafe music websites. Ariel has streamlined the process and even made it simple to contact the artists themselves for promos, station IDs and interviews.  Ariel’s brand of public relations doesn’t stop with connecting me with the artists she represents. Her approach serves to foster organic and personal connections between myself and her artists. As the “big business” style corporate music model continues to crumble, Ariel leads the way toward a new and more human way of doing things.”

– Michael Harren, Producer / Host, MikeyPod Podcast

“Being a blog specializing in spotting up-and-coming music acts, it’s sometimes tricky trying to find talented and interesting artists to feature. So we love Cyber PR®- there’s a broad range of gifted artists represented, and the fact that you can download all the media you would need on one page makes blogging simpler, quicker and fun for us. And the team is always easy to get in touch with and happy to help.”

– Alfitude http://alfitude.wordpress.com/

“Ariel has incomparable reach. Less than one month into my campaign, I’ve already been played around the world, in Australia, England, the US, the Netherlands, and more. I’ve already come across in-depth reviews of my debut album from widely-distributed bloggers to which I would otherwise have no contact. No effort is wasted, and I can follow the campaign, in detail, in real time. It’s incredible, and it’s working.”

– Trey Green of The Hang


“I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago, and it spurred me in to action.  Since then, the band life has been a blur of new fans and new shows, and things are really picking up. Thank you for all the advice you give, it really does get through, and it helps enormously.”

- Phil, The Haiku

“Ariel and her crew are all very friendly, helpful, and very hands on. They have worked with me on several contests for The Chillcast, which is always a treat for my listeners! Having worked as Music Director of college radio, I appreciate the fact that they don’t use the hard sell approach when promoting bands, constantly calling and emailing about bands I’m not interested in. They truly make an effort to connect me with bands that fit with my podcast so it’s a win-win situation for everyone! Thanks guys!”

- The Chillcast with Anji Bee

“Thank you for providing radio stations such as WAER with this incredibly valuable service… Cyber PR® is a way to get exposed to so much new & exciting music out there without any hassles… Keep up the great work.”

- Eric Cohen, WAER Radio

“A great way to find some awesome artists!”

- Podshow Radio

“A podtastic service for podcasters! Everyone connected with Cyber PR® has been pleasant and helpful. I actively recommend this service to my fellow podcasters and to those who may be considering joining up!”

- Ed’s Mixed Bag


“Our podcasts just wouldn’t be the same without Ariel Cyber PR®. The selection of artists and genres made available to podcasters is amazing.  Not only is the selection amazing, but the website itself is the best I’ve seen for promoting artists.

- Radio Orphans Podcast

“Ariel and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to anyone. They’re smart, efficient, dedicated, and always manage to stay one step ahead of the ever-changing industry.”

- Charlotte Kendrick

“Ariel did more publicity for me within the first 24 hours then I probably would have done ever. She gets right to work getting your music into the hands of DJs, podcasters, reviewers and places you would never think of. Everything they say about her is all true.”

- Darryl Thurston, The Sea Dragons

“This is just about the perfect service. It is really thought through to be easy for the podcaster to use. Oh boy, is that necessary in some cases! (Well, mine actually). Good work and really, really cool.”

- Peter Clitheroe, Suffolk and Cool Podcast, www.suffolkandcool.com


“Ariel and the team are definitely a true pleasure to work with. It’s the perfect next step for any indie artists looking to get their music out there. We’re so glad to have found her!”

- Elizabeth and The Catapult


“Ariel got us more press in 2 weeks as an indie artist w/ no record deal than (another unnamed major PR firm) got for us when we were signed to a major in all of 2003.”

- Scot Sax


“Ariel Publicity has the hands-on personal approach to publicity that I like – no bullshit, no hype – just the real deal – genuine, nice people who care about their craft and the people they work with.”

- Chris Zahn, Director of Marketing B.B. King Blues Club

“Ariel is honestly one of the only people I have met in the music business who does what she says she is going to do. She is a monumental resource to the independent musician.”

- Coby Brown


“My suspicion is that there’s a lot of coffee consumed in the offices of Ariel Publicity. That would partially explain the almost superhuman way in which Ariel and her staff exhibit such a startling efficiency and attention to detail. I especially like them because they’re always at the ready when I have some sort of deadline-related crisis. Vigorous and clever, friendly and professional, they’re a pleasure to work with.”

- Laura Bond, Music Editor – Westword

“Ariel Publicity puts artists on the map. Putting Ariel and her team of dedicated, caring, effective, efficient, talented people behind you is one of the fastest and most effective ways to market and promote your act. Ariel is also one of the smartest, strongest, most hard working women I know. She’s capable of moving mountains, parting seas. . .and putting unknown bands’ names into the minds of millions. And that might be the best trick yet.”

- Sally Taylor, The Sally Taylor Band



“Thanks very much for your diligence and professionalism. In a time where most in your field fall into apathy, your enthusiasm is refreshing and much appreciated.”

- Ricardo Cooney, Coorespondant, SPARTAN Magazine