‘The 9 Biggest Social Media Mistakes and How To Fix Them’



By the end of this 9-Week Online Course, you will have all of the tools you need to strategically and systematically take advantage of all online marketing opportunities.

Everyone Thinks They Know How To Use Social Media but few of us know how to use them effectively to actually engage fans.

For anyone looking to get more exposure it can be the silver bullet.

However, a vast majority of you are using social media all wrong.

You are Missing That ONE Thing to Focus On

You are missing that ONE thing to focus on that will actually increase:

  • your visibility
  • your fan base
  • your Return On Investment (ROI)

When I talk about investment I mean the investment of your time as well as any money you spend marketing and promoting.

I’m thrilled to be rolling out my best course ever. Social Media House will teach you how to optimize your overall approach to social media & online marketing and make it work effectively for you.



Dialed In Exposure & Die Hard Fans – Your 9-Week Plan:

Week 1: Your Social Media Strategy

- How will social media help me?
– Social media takes forever, how can I do it more efficiently?
– Do I have to show my personal life to be successful on social media?
– I have nothing to say, how do I stay ‘consistent’?

You know what Social Media is and how to use the basics but it’s time to learn the one thing 99% of people are not focusing on and put a strategy into place around this thing so you can set yourself up for success.


Week 2: Your Website

- Do I really need a website with all of this social media?
– Is my website good enough?
– What elements do I need to have on my website?
– How can I build an inexpensive website?

Learn to optimize and monetize your website more effectively. You have 3.5 seconds to get their attention or they will leave your page.


Week 3: Facebook

- How do I get my fans from my personal page over to my fan page?
– Do I really need a fan page AND a personal page?
– How do I keep my branding on point when Facebook is only blue and white?
– How do I get more ‘likes’ on my page?
– How do I get more people to see my posts?

Learn the best strategies apps and plug-ins for making the ever-changing Facebook a powerful fan-building machine and a showcase for your music, list building and videos.

Week 4: Twitter

- Who cares if I’m eating a tuna sandwich?
– Why do people make the stupidest updates ever and post them to Twitter?
– Why are all of these people following me and who are they?
– What the heck is an @ or an RT or a #?
– How do I effectively, REALLY use this platform? It makes no sense.

Many are on Twitter but there is much room for improvement.  Find out how to use Twitter more effectively and find new fans to follow and engage with you.

Week 5: YouTube

- How do I go viral on YouTube?
– Do I need a YouTube Channel?
– What types of videos should I be creating to connect with my audience?
– How do I make money on YouTube?

We will have you amassing fans and attention on the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Garnering more subscribers & fans doesn’t mean you have to make new videos.


Week 6: Blogging

- Why should I blog? I have nothing to say…
– How do I get bloggers to pay attention to me?
– How do I optimize and monetize my blog?
– How do I blog without wasting a huge amount of time?

Learn the easiest blogging platforms and how to blog without wasting huge amounts of time or causing yourself stress.


Week 7: Pinterest

- What is Pinterest?
– I hear only females use it and it’s for shopping… is that true?

Sharing photos have just become a fun (and easy)! Learn how Pinterest can be a way for you to showcase your personality, and connect with fans that can lead to meaningful blog traffic.



Week 8: Newsletter

- Newsletters are all spam, why should I write one?
– How do I get people to open my newsletter?
– What’s the point of a newsletter with so much social media available?
– How do I track my newsletter?

Learn how to write captivating content and distribute newsletters that build trust and loyalty, whether you are on or off the road. An effective newsletter strategy will result in higher sales.


Week 9: Fan Funding and Continuum Programs

- How do I join the revolution?
– How do I get my fans to support my dream?
– Will a fan funding campaign help me find new fans?
– What happens if my campaign fails?

The internet is a powerful way to raise money for projects and get your fans to fund endeavors, attend VIP events and participate in special opportunities with you. Many artists complain that they feel like carnival barkers when approaching fan funding. Find out how to create a program that will get you paid and keep your self-esteem intact.